The Wonderful, Wacky Witches

The Little Guildees is a brand new group under the CHS Theatre Guild, meant to cater to Chelsea's up and coming performers!

Concept Art by Marah Putnam
Welcome to our Original Radio Show!

In Covid Times we've had to severely adjust what our idea of theatre is. We decided we would focus on different types of acting and production this year, and have spent our time creating this completely new, student-written, student-made radio show! 

Follow our new favorite coven of witches as they aim to save their livelihoods from the evil Rowena! The Wonderful, Wacky Witches is a family-friendly serial romp. Each episode is an easy 20 minute listen, with hilarity for the whole family. Enjoy!

*Episodes can be found at links below, or at

All episodes written by graduating senior, Katie Moore.